Volunteer Policies

I have received a copy of the Personnel Policies for Parish Volunteers dated October 1, 2012 and acknowledge my obligation as a parish volunteer to read it and become familiar with its provisions. I further acknowledge that it has been explained to me that these policies may be subject to additions, amendments, changes or revocations without notice and do not confer any form of employment or benefit guarantee to me. Further it is my understanding that as a volunteer of this parish the relationship between us is terminable at the will of either party.
I certify that I have not been convicted as an adult, disciplined, or discharged from employment for committing or attempting to commit crimes in the areas of juvenile prostituting or pimping, child pornography, child exploitation, physical abuse, assault or battery, obscenity, sexual assault, illegal distribution, possession or use of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia.
  I understand that if I provide false information on this form or if I fail to report any conviction as described above to the appropriate supervisor, my volunteer service will be terminated.

If you are unable to certify any of the above, you are required to explain the circumstances to your supervisor.





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